Will You Marry Me? Our Engagement Story

In August 2015, my now husband and I were celebrating our third "date-iversary" with a homemade steak dinner accompanied with crab stuffed portabello mushroom caps. We had agreed to turn our anniversary into a date night rather than go elaborate with gifts as we had in the past, so I hoped for a card with a sweet handwritten note, but nothing more.

After our main course as I prepared dessert, Scott asked me to sit back down because he had a present for me. Naturally I scolded him for breaking our no-gift pact, but in my head I was reeling with excitement at the special treatment. He disappeared down the hallway and returned with a beautiful teal gift bag that I teased he must have had help from his sister in picking out.

Not having the slightest clue what was in the bag, I started with the card. Let me start by saying that historically, I did not always get a card on every occasion, and when I did, it wasn't always extra gushy. To my surprise, the card was very sweet and had an unusually long handwritten message inside. Yet still, I was unprepared for what happened next.

As I put the card down and reached for the remaining contents of the bag, I started to feel anxious. I pulled out a book with a photo of us on the cover that read "Our Love Story." Page 1 read, "The day it all began" with a photo we took on Scott's Macbook webcam before our first date. As I turned the page, I read "Will you marry me?" with the classic circle yes and no options below and turned to find Scott on his knee, in tears, with a ring in hand.

I cried, said yes, and hugged him before we immediately got in my car and drove around town to visit his parents and siblings at each of their houses to let them know the good news. We were engaged!

Tell your engagement story in the comments below. Was it elaborate or quiet and at home like mine?

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